Sunday, January 26, 2020
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    The Benefits of Marine Cargo Insurance

    In this article, we will try to ACTUALLY weight the importance of marine cargo insurance objectively and hopefully give a clear perspective to importers, exporters, and third party service providers on the application of Marine Cargo Insurance.

    How To Make Sense of The Terms and Conditions of the Bill of Lading

    THE FINE PRINTS OF THE BILL OF LADING You honestly need a microscope in order to read the fine...

    Impact of Detention and Demurrage

    What is Detention and Demurrage In simple terms, detention is charges by the Vehicle Operated Container Carrier (VOCCs) for...

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    Transshipment vs Transloading

    Long Story Short Transshipment is the act of “Transferring” the “Shipment” between one form of transportation only. Whereas transloading is the act of...

    Unintended Consequence of IMO 2020

    Long Story Short The introduction of the IMO 2020 Convention is a necessary step towards reducing the environmental hazards that plague...


    Introduction Brace yourself, this is a long post. I’m sitting at my office looking at my surrounding, I start to...

    Be careful when using a Seaway Bill

    Introduction One of the most important documents in shipping and logistics is the Bill of Lading, it has all the necessary details of the...

    How the Belt and Road Initiative will affect the Containerised Shipping Trade Lanes?

    Introduction Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Star ship Enterprise. It’s five-year mission: to explore strange new...

    10 Best Practices of Cargo Container Loading

    Introduction In all seriousness, lives are at stake and safety begins with you. This is why...

    What to do if the Original Bill of Lading is lost?

    Introduction As a consignee, don’t you think it’s scary that you can only prove your ownership of cargo container, carrying precious cargo, valuing in thousands of...
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