Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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    The Benefits of Marine Cargo Insurance

    In this article, we will try to ACTUALLY weight the importance of marine cargo insurance objectively and hopefully give a clear perspective to importers, exporters, and third party service providers on the application of Marine Cargo Insurance.

    Impact of Detention and Demurrage

    What is Detention and Demurrage In simple terms, detention is charges by the Vehicle Operated Container Carrier (VOCCs) for...

    How To Make Sense of The Terms and Conditions of the Bill of Lading

    THE FINE PRINTS OF THE BILL OF LADING You honestly need a microscope in order to read the fine...

    Recent Posts

    Letter of Credit vs Bank Guarantee

    Introduction If you are scouring the internet searching for answers in the comparison between a Letter of Credit and a Bank Guarantee, chances are...

    Advantages of Short Sea Shipping: Why Should We Embrace it

    Only Europe has the political landscape, the economic strength, and the geographical coastal advantage that nurtures the environment where Short Sea Shipping (SSS) to become a legitimate...

    Bill of Lading vs Shipping Manifest

    Bill of Lading and Shipping Manifests are both essential trade documents. However, the intended users of both documents differ. Freight forwarders and international traders both may not...

    Why Blank Sailing Occurs? A Study of Shipping Liners

    Blank Sailing occurs when vessel operators cancel a part of or the whole voyage journey in the vessel’s schedule. It is therefore NOT a sailed voyage where...

    What is a Bonded Warehouse?

    Bonded warehouses are a unique proposition that the owners of the bonded warehouse and the Customs Border Patrol share responsibilities in its operation. They are an extension...

    What is a Free Trade Zone?

    Have you ever wondered, what is the one important factor that made the world embraced global trade that is often overlooked? Some countries have geographical and socio-economical...

    How Walmart’s Logistics System Work: Successful Tips

    Introduction There is much to learn from looking at how the logistics system works in one of the largest retail distributors in the world....
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