Monday, July 13, 2020
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    5 Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers

    Introduction Often the most outstanding inventions in modern history do not share the same attention it deserves. This short...


    WHAT IS REVERSE LOGISTICS? Much of the infrastructure today is designed specifically for the logistics of bringing cargos...

    Major Shipping Routes of the World (By Commodities)

    Introduction In this article, by looking into the world’s major shipping routes, studying the commodities that the ship...

    Recent Posts

    Ex Work Shipment Only Benefits the Seller?

    Ex Work Shipments is an INCOTERM shipping arrangement that places the highest degree of responsibility to the buyer to arrange the end-to-end transportation of the cargo. The...

    Everything About Shipping Pallets

    Introduction Shipping Pallets are the unsung hero of the logistics supply chain. A wooden pallet allows faster cargo loading and unloading. It is because...

    4 Definite Ways to Reduce Detention and Demurrage Costs

    For shipments arranged in FOB, FAS, CNF, and CIF. The consignees are liable for any costs incurred during the delivery of containers from the port of discharge...

    Is My Container Seaworthy? (Or Not)

    In most sea export cases, the containers used for loading and transportation are carrier owned containers (COC) as to shipper owned containers (SOC). For freight transportation arranged...

    What is an NVOCC?

    Introduction Some logistics service provider presents themselves as an NVOCC, some as a Freight Forwarder, some defines their business as Multimodal Transportation Operator, and...

    5 Effective Ways to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

    Introduction Supply Chain Management is a management of business operations that processes raw materials into finished goods, deliver the goods to the final intended...

    6 Practical Ways to Reduce Logistics Cost

    Apart from logistics-related companies, freight charges, port handling charges, transportation charges are expenses to any business. Large corporations can have a level of control over their supply...
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