Monday, February 24, 2020
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    The Benefits of Marine Cargo Insurance

    In this article, we will try to ACTUALLY weight the importance of marine cargo insurance objectively and hopefully give a clear perspective to importers, exporters, and third party service providers on the application of Marine Cargo Insurance.

    Impact of Detention and Demurrage

    What is Detention and Demurrage In simple terms, detention is charges by the Vehicle Operated Container Carrier (VOCCs) for...

    How To Make Sense of The Terms and Conditions of the Bill of Lading

    THE FINE PRINTS OF THE BILL OF LADING You honestly need a microscope in order to read the fine...

    Recent Posts

    What’s the Difference between CIF and CIP?

    Introduction The subtle differences between INCOTERM CIF and CIP seem minuscule at first until you closely inspect and compare the two in several aspects....

    Major Shipping Routes of the World (By Commodities)

    Introduction In this article, by looking into the world’s major shipping routes, studying the commodities that the ship carries daily, we hope to...

    Actual Reasons When NOT to Use Freight Forwarders

    TL;DR Yes, there are times that a freight forwarder is not necessary. Especially when the freight forwarder themselves are not an asset-based freight forwarder.

    Complete Guide to Bulk Ship Chartering (Part 3) – Laytime

    Laytime Definition and Practices Thank you for sticking through to Part 3 of the Bulk Ship Chartering Guide. We invite you...

    Complete Guide to Bulk Ship Chartering (Part 2)

    Introduction “Show me the money” If you made it to the part 2 of Bulk Ship Chartering Guide trilogy,...

    Complete Guide to Bulk Ship Chartering (Part 1)

    Introduction Ok, I want to convince you that the ship chartering industry is a fulfilling and yet exciting industry to be in. It...

    Why Greece dominates the shipping industry?

    Introduction The Greeks have given us the Spartans, the Amazonians, Alexander the Great, and many more Greek mythologies that fascinated us...
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